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 Secrets of life

Who Are We? Simple Explanation of Our True Identity

Where Do We Come From?

What is Our Purpose Here in This Life?
Waht Happens When We Die?


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What makes us different to...?

 What Makes Us Different from a Rock?

a rock


What Makes Us Different from a Tree?

or a tree



      What Makes Us Different from a Animal?     

or a dog







Where do we come from?

Where do we come from?










  What is our purpose?

 What is our purpose?








The Bible - the secret is ..Ask...

the secret is ..Ask...












What happens when we die?

What happens when we die?





I'm excited about what is appearing on these pages because when it was suggested a web-site was needed  a few topics came to mind, like detailed information on Human Energy Fields, and Spiritual Energy Healing and the like. Then I was told by my Web-master Andrew,  to create a structure with Headings and Sub-headings and all these lovely topics came into my head. With not much idea what I would write, I proceed with faith knowing as I transcribe I will be informed and  most likely surprised  I hope you are as well.


I would like to formally thank Andrew now  for his great work, patience and expertise in putting this Site together.


This is a great question, I thought, I'm not sure I know  the answer and the following explanation came. We are a physical human body that is controlled by a number of energy fields. In fact everything in the universe is mainly energy. Because our Earth is a place of matter, our physical form and most objects feel solid, however this is an illusion, as any Scientist with a powerful enough Microscope will agree, we are mostly space. What holds us together are Life Energy Fields. 


What makes us different to a rock or a tree or a dog as these are held together by the same Life Energy Fields? The main physical difference is the composition of our molecules and the frequency at which they vibrate.  Yet we are alive, ah! and so is the tree and the dog, this is fairly simple or is it? 


Fundamentally a tree has a created DNA blue print which is its unique program for its Life Cycle and each tree was created with its own specific characteristics. Botanists, Horticulturalists and Scientists have learned that they can modify a tree or create new species of trees by crossbreeding or modifying genes. These programs have had mixed success and should be only be done with careful consideration because the consequences of unguided Human intervention can be catastrophic. This warning applies to all species particularly Human Beings. It should be noted here that Everything in the Universe is created very precisely for a specific purpose. Creation by The Creator is very specific and never haphazard.  


Now where were we, yes, a rock has a specific molecular structure and frequency at which it vibrates, this is determined by it's Internal Energy Field. Trees and Plants are living, they have a created DNA blue print which is their unique program for their Life Cycles, they also  both have  Internal and External Energy Fields. The dog like all mammals has a soul and with more intricate Internal and External Energy Fields, however they do not posses the created ability to reason. All creatures with Souls have a Spirit Guide. You may have seen this term mentioned before on this site, well if you are unsure we will be dealing with this topic in more detail later.


Now you know what we aren't, you now know what we are, a physical human body with a created DNA blue print and many intricate Internal and External Energy Fields, we have a Soul, a Spirit Guide and the power to reason. Put this way it doesn't sound much but as any you all know a Human Being is a complex marvel of Creation. This is more a simple scientific explanation of how we are created as a Human.


Who Are We Really?  We are what our Soul has Chosen!   Let me explain. 


 NOTE:  ( We have now gone into a conversation to explain things better to Me  by The Creator - Important Points )


What does this mean? You mean we have chosen what we are and how we will live our Life on Earth? "Yes, but before we start. You were created with a free will and at anytime you are free to make any choice or take any path you wish."


Before you were born, you chose your own Destiny. Your Soul decided to evolve further and to do this it made a decision to return to Earth.  This decision was not done alone. You had help from your Spirit Guide as well as your Spirit Group. The Life experiences were chosen and ultimately accepted by you as things, you wanted or needed to experience, or work through to help you to grow and evolve. They may involve new experiences or revisiting situations where lessons were not yet completed." 


So you are saying  we are born with a Destiny or Our life Purpose?  "Yes basically, this  Destiny is created by you, that is The Soul, part of You. You should be aware that you have no conscious memory of your Destiny when you are born. Although guided and you feel connections with other Souls who are part of your Destiny, many Humans aren't listening or lose awareness of their true destiny and often choose a path other than the one originally created. The cause of this is often normal human emotions like greed, envy  and power, which are not part of  a Souls nature, or that exist in the  Spirit World. On saying this you always have your freedom to choose you own path, this applies equally on Earth as in the Spirit World and every where else in the Universe."  



You must be still with me so lets proceed, if you chose this page first it may be better to start with Who Are We? . This is a bit like maths we need the basics to put the whole picture together. 


Our Human Physical Body is created here on  this Earth, generally by a Man & Woman during intercourse. There are also a few created with the aid of science and medical technology. However I expect you want to know where we originally came from? (As the writer so do I) 


This may upset some of you. All Creation was perfected by The Creator elsewhere, away from this Earth and all life was created from Energy. How that is done will not be revealed here as it is unimportant for our understanding of the Secrets of Life. 


Just to say, Energy with the Precise Program equals Creation. How you arrange the Energy and what Program you give it determines the Life Form. It does not happen by accident and takes much practise to perfect. Once perfected it is easy to move Energy throughout The Universe. So in a way both "The Creationist" & "The Evolutionist" theories are correct and neither of them is entirely correct.  One of Life's Dichotomies. What I'm saying here is, The Creator created Simple Life first  and as The Creator practised, more sophisticated Life Forms were created. So definitely we were Created and also the process was an Evolutionary, however not on This Earth.


Our origin is from The Creator and The Creator is part of the Spirit World. Now we have another Question. What is the Spirit World? 

This is simply the Home of all Souls a place where only Intelligent Energy Exists, The place of The Creator, where there is no time or space it is in another dimension. All of you have been there because you originated from there, however you have little or no recall of such a place as a human person. This is deliberate and what you are learning on this site will not create total recall however, a part of you, Your Soul is very much at peace right now as it is aware at an Aura Energy Level, what is being said is Truth. Some of you may not experience this Peace, this just means you are very grounded and only perceive the Material World at this time. This will eventually change and at some time in the future you will be reminded of these words and feel Peace.


The Spirit World is a wondrous place of Peace and Tranquillity yet Vibrant and full of Life and Energy. This seem like another dichotomy, it is to our human minds. A Place that must be experienced and cannot be adequately described this is Heaven (or whatever other name you may wish to call it.) The Most Magnificent Place in the Universe. 


While we are discussing this, there is no Specific Place as Hell (or whatever name you may use), however as Souls, you can create your own condition and a few, very few do Create a Condition that Humans may describe as Hell. The concept of a Place called Hell was created by Humans to have power over others.  Most Souls leave their Human bodies and depart soon after death back to their Group, their closest Soul Friends and to their place in the Spirit World. 


The Spirit World is a place of resting, regeneration, contemplation, debriefing, a place of renewing friendships but mainly a place of evaluating and learning of lessons, so that we can continue to grow and evolve. With no dimension of time as we experience it on Earth and where we can be anything with a thought. We have are own identity and name and project our image to others as the like to know us. We are only Life Energy which is a visible light to other Souls ranging from White to Dark Purple, depending on the level of evolvement. 


For More Details and Understanding of The Spirit World please read Dr Michael Newtons book Journey of The Souls  review here or see reference in Links Section 



If you chose this page first it may be better to start with Who Are We? . This is a bit like maths we need the basics to put the whole picture together. 


Our Purpose is to follow our Destiny and to evolve as we planned before we were born. Once on earth as mentioned earlier, we have no conscious memory of our Destiny, but we have rehearsed, specific "triggers" which will help guide us during our life here. This was all planned and rehearsed  before we left The Spirit World. 


These triggers are activated when we meet someone and feel we know them, even though we have never met them before. Maybe you have a strong feeling, you have been at a particular place before, or that something your doing  really feels great. Sometimes you get a feeling, you need to do something, or talk to a stranger and you find out, that you get on like a house on fire. These are the actions, that were rehearsed before you left the Spirit World and were worked out with your Spirit Guide to give you some guidance on your path to your Destiny. It is important to recognise these triggers. On occasions  you will think something is a trigger, however sometimes you maybe  being mislead. To find out, just ask yourself, "Is this something I should be following now, as part of my Destiny."  and wait for the answer. 


Remember this. "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks find; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."    Matthew 7:7,8


Your Spirit Guide and for some, who are lucky enough to have a Guardian Angel, will constantly communicate to you often using you highest modality. This communication is sometimes mistakenly described as your intuition. For those not familiar with the term modality, we all have different ways in which,  we  best communicate. For example, some of us are Visual, we see vivid pictures, and tend to describe things using visual phrases, like do you see what I mean. Others, Kinaesthetic or Feeling people we feel things and tend to communicate using  feeling phrases, this feels so good. The third, Auditory, we tend to hear voices, and tend to communicate using sound phrases, that sounds good, did you hear that. These are described as modalities. We all have, all three, however usually one is more dominant and we are more comfortable to receive and send  communications by this method. The greatest communicator's in the World  use all three constantly, this is a practised skill that comes more naturally to those whose Destiny is to be a great communicator. Many personal development books and programs are available, dealing with communication modalities.


These communications from your Spirit Guide can come at any time or place so listen for them. If you are totally focussed on material actions in this Material World, you may be missing most of these messages. We have all been caught up, living  life to the full, pushing or being pushed at work to complete some task or project. Totally focussed on keeping all the balls in the air, juggling our work, family, kids, sport and entertainment etc., this is what I mean by material actions. If you are doing this, you should seriously consider taking some time, for quiet personal reflection. This is when you are more likely to receive the messages that are constantly being sent. Another important time is when you are asleep. Like all thing in life they get better with practise. The importance of discovering your Destiny and your current purpose should not be underestimated.


Each of us has their own particular Destiny, however a Destiny is a current Life Purpose that you progressively work at and pursue, for all of your current life. As we live our lives, we will have may individual purposes or necessary actions we need to take, to learn and equip ourselves, so that we can take the actions necessary for us to reach our Destiny. This will involve many other  people who are also part our Destiny Path, while they are also pursuing  their own Destiny. That was all decided upon, by each of us and planned in advance very specifically, by ourselves and Souls with much more knowledge and understanding than we can recall, in this Life on Earth.


Because we have a free choice we may miss our Destiny entirely, or only complete a portion of our original plan. This will happen in the majority of lives, particularly in more developed countries. This happens more today because technology has progressed extremely rapidly since the second World War. we have tended to speed up our lives and have become more focussed on the material  aspects of this World at the expense of The Spiritual, which is where we should focus. When we deviate from our current purpose our Spirit Guide and other Souls plan a new path. This new path is generally to get us back on track to our Destiny and this will most likely have new actions and contacts, for which no "triggers" were rehearsed. This is why it is so important to receive the communications from The Spirit World, that are constantly being sent to you.


Missing our Destiny is not a catastrophe  as we will all eventually complete our Life Purpose, which is to evolve into a highly developed Level 6 Soul. For most of us this will take may Life Journeys to Earth, however like everything we get better with practice and as we continue to evolve as more developed Souls we just seem to  know more.



If you chose this page first it may be better to start with Who Are We? . This is a bit like maths we need the basics to put the whole picture together. 


For many of you who have been progressing through this Secrets of Life Section, you will probably now know  the answer. When we die on Earth our Aura of which our Soul is a part, leaves our body and in most cases departs soon after, to return to it's home in the Spirit World. A few may remain in the Earth Realm and we will deal with this in the Spirits & Ghosts Section. For the vast majority we leave soon after death for the Spirit World. Although we may wait around to see ourselves buried, many leave immediately upon the death of our Physical Body.


Once the Aura, I will use the term Soul as it is more meaningful to most of us in this context, leaves the body it rises above where it was previously located, around and through the body. You may have heard of, or had, an out of body experience. There are many cases reported by people who have been declared dead and then their Soul has returned. This often gives them a new awareness and often a new peace. I hope you are beginning to understand now why this happens.


The Soul is not dead, it is totally aware of everything that is happening. New souls will think, what is happening, why is there so much fuss, I'm still alive, I'm still here. They will soon be reassured and  guided back to the Spirit World by an appointed Soul, who will ensure their safe journey home. Quite often Souls will delay their departure until after their Funeral, more to reassure themselves that loved ones on Earth are being looked after and cared for, not usually to see what others say about them as most of their Human emotions have died with them.    


We will be escorted back home, where we will be reacquainted with our Spirit Guide and Soul Friends from our Pod, which is the Spirit name for the Group we mentioned earlier. We will usually have a quick debriefing with our Spirit Guide which will be the basis of more detailed analysis of our progress. We will reacquaint with our Soul Friends some of whom may have been a major or minor part of our recent Earth Life. Each of our Soul Friends will know everything that has happened to us, as we will also know about them. This is nothing to be concerned about as their is no judgement or feeling of superiority in the Spirit World, just Love. There may be some friendly "ribbing" about some our actions, however this will not offend us and  we will understand and accept that there are still areas where we have room to grow. 


We will have time to recuperate, re-energise and enjoy the company of our Soul Friends and the Love, Peace and Vibrancy of our home, before we begin our serious debriefing and start our new lessons for the next phase of our continuing evolvement.