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What conditions can be helped by Energy Fields Healing?






How does HEART Energy Healing work?








What is Done at an Energy Healing, Human Energy Assessment Release Treatment?

























































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Why do you give a Money Back Guarantee with all Services

What conditions can be helped by  Energy Fields Healing?

Can you cure all of the above and more?

How does a HEART Energy Healing work?

What is done at the First Initial Major HEART Energy Healing

Will I need ongoing Healing Sessions?

Where does Energy Healing come from - Who does it?

What is Destiny Discovery and how would it be of benefit?


Why do you give a Money Back Guarantee with all Services


Our primary concern is your health and wellbeing; we also understand that our services are considered unconventional and many people are not familiar with Life and Human Energy Fields let alone the benefits of  healing them. We want people to be able to experience the marvellous freeing, energized feelings some of us experience every day. This feeling the way were meant to be, without medication or drugs. You have the opportunity to try our services, assess the benefits for yourself and walk away without have spent a penny. We are also aware that for whatever reason; some treatments by any Medical or Health Practitioner work better for some people than others. How many times has your Doctor tried different treatments or medications to cure one of your problems? We firmly believe if you don't feel better or are not happy for any reason; you should not have to pay for the Service. 




What conditions can be helped by  Energy Fields Healing?


Energy Field Healing will improve any area of your life, whether it be a physical condition, emotional, relationship, mental or spiritual problem. All physical conditions such as any disease, sickness, cancers, injury, virus, chronic fatigue, dyslexia, allergies, problems with any organs heart, lungs, liver, kidney  etc to name a few. 


Emotions or should I say unresolved emotions are a primary cause of most emotional, relationship, mental and spiritual problems. Such as phobias, fears, traumas, feeling of unworthiness, low self esteem, difficulties in starting and maintaining meaningful relationships, depression, bi-polar, lack of confidence, anger, lack of love,  to name a few.




Can you cure all of the above and more?


We don't profess to be able to cure everything as many conditions are in an advanced state of disease, for instance organs may have deteriorated to a point where surgery is necessary however Energy Field Healing will greatly aid recovery and remove the original cause of the problem often preventing a reoccurrence.  Most transplant surgery has a limited life, this is because the original cause is still unresolved. To understand, the Aura energy field is, the software, and if it is disturbed (corrupted) or mal-functioning in some way, fixing the Body, the hardware,  will generally only be temporary as the Aura program will continue to create a corrupted body part.


For injuries we get treatment have a rest apparently heal and we seem to be OK, however unless the original cause is removed we will often get a reoccurrence.  This applies to most situations including relationships where we seem to repeat the same conditions or mistakes over and over again. See Healing Our Energy Fields




How does HEART Energy  Healing work?


HEART R Energy  Healing, Human Energy Assessment Release Treatment System, is a unique complete holistic Life Energy Healing of the body, mind and soul, developed by the Metaphysical Institute Founder, Ian Stone and performed by a Metaphysical Institute trained practitioner or healer. The consultation is quite simple and painless and will mostly be done with no physical contact during the healing process. 


The healer will not read your mind, however they will ask specific questions of your "Spiritual Being" and receive either a yes or no answer to these questions. They will use a kinesiology technique, themselves, to determine whether the answer is a yes or a no. The answers will not come from your conscious mind. To do this they only need to think of you and the connection will be made with your "Spiritual Being" so you can be on the other side of the World it really makes no difference. See Distance Healing


The healer will first ask your "Spiritual Being" if they have permission to proceed with the healing and then ask you some questions about yourself and your condition and what you want to achieve.


They will then systematically check by asking questions of  your "Spiritual Being" that will be specific but simple. Like does this person have any disturbance in their Aura or External Energy Field? If no, they will go to the other Energy Fields as necessary  maybe Hara's and Chakra's etc.  If yes, they will systematically determine, when and what emotions are causing this disturbance. Once the original cause is established, they will heal this by removing the original negative emotion and have your "Spiritual Being" replace it with a new positive meaning. In a very specific way they will update the way your "Total Being" reacts to this incident, now and in the future, meaning will now be positive and hence not cause any disturbance to your energy fields.


They will continue with this process until all the necessary disturbances have been removed that are associated with your condition. The process will remove the major disturbances first as they will be the first that are communicated and then continue until all causes relating to this incident are gone.


The immediate reaction to this healing will vary from person to person, depending on their individual awareness of their Body and Soul. Many people will feel an immediate sensation of relief, like a great weight has lifted from them and a sense of great peace, other may feel nothing immediately, however after a good sleep, their energy levels will rise and they will sense something has changed and in the next few days  they will generally feel terrific.


If  you have a consultation in person, physical contact in the form of muscle testing using a Kinesiology technique will most likely be used to demonstrate that a disturbed condition was removed. This is only for your benefit to help you understand that the original condition causing the problem has been removed or healed.  More detailed explanation of  What Disturbs Energy Fields


This HEART Energy  Healing, Human Energy Assessment Release Treatment  R like all Metaphysical Services comes with our Money Back Guarantee,  To services section for fees and booking appointments  HEART Energy  Healing  R






What is done at the First Initial Major HEART Energy Healing R    Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments 


For more detailed information on Terminology  and Kinesiology,  see Kinesiology Assessment and Terminology Explained


Detailed Summary Report -  HEART Energy Healing R   -  Summary Report given to clients. We have included comments to  further  explain why this is done and how it will benefit you. (These comments are not in the normal summary as they are explained at the time of Consultation)


HEART Energy Healing R   - Summary        Human Energy Assessment Release Treatment



External Energy Disturbances  External disturbance are exactly that; they have not come from within you and you have little control

over them. They affect our Aura and often our Crown Chakra this is your connection to God, The Divine


Negative Energy – Universe 1, Earth 2, Most come from our Earth but recently some have come from the Universe and most people are still disturbed by this event. These generally cause feelings of Anger, Fear of Death and Lack or absences of Love at a Spiritual level.


Spiritual Beings Released – Currently Disturbing Person , Contacts During this Lifetime ,   (These are all the Spiritual Beings identified that have affected you in this Lifetime. This is significant because we have found they would often; revisit you again. Now they are all permanently released.) This person was often disturbed by Spiritual Beings of dead People causing many problems; we can also manifest the problems of these Spiritual Beings. 

Check for Psychic Attacks –  How many have you had in this life, the initiator is no longer in Earth Realm


Internal Energy Disturbances  You will see Major, Minor and Micro these are like three levels and signify the importance or severity of disturbance. Each is a negatively associated emotional incident that is changed to a positive from the moment of the original incident to the present and into the future. All are causing disturbances to our life energy fields.


During the Clearing and Removing of these Disturbances the Modern version of Ho'oponopono may also used. This has the affect of not only cleaning yourself but also others with the same problem.


Past Life - Major Disturbances 15, Minor Disturbances 26, Micro Disturbances 48,


Present Life - Major Disturbances 12, Minor Disturbances 19, Micro Disturbances 27,


Problems Detected and RemovedVirus,    Bacterial ,     Yeast  etc, These microorganism infections that are present in your body at the time of the healing. You acquired these when your immune system was compromised when your Aura was disturbed.


Chakras Disturbed and Restored - Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow, Crown Chakra, These are the disturbances that we feel in our bodies and affect our mental and physical health.


Assess & Restored - Core Star, Tan Tien, Hara Line, Soul Seat and Intentionality Point. Little known Life Energy Fields that effect posture and connection to others and God, The Creator or Divine Intelligence.


Other Disturbances Problems - Maybe organs like liver , kidney etc or muscle groups  or anything that gives you pain or makes you sick or emotionally and mentally disturbed


Balance Spiritual & Physical Energy. Bring your Spiritual and Physical into Balance

Balance all Energy Body's  Spirtual, Mental, Physical and Mental



This comprehensive HEART Energy Healing is a little like weeding a very overgrown garden. You pull out or remove the larger weeds and you reveal many smaller ones that become visible and need to be removed.

They reflect the Negative Emotional Disturbances that have affected you during your Spiritual Lifetime; which is a lot of days and weeks and months.


It is not important what happened during these events, just that they have now have been changed from negative to positive and these particular events will no longer cause you emotional, mental or physical problems.


Please Note: The numbers of disturbance and the treatments will be individual for each person.

For your ongoing good health, you may consider a standard HEART Energy Healing about every three to six months to re-energize and clear any problems that become apparent during this period.


The number and complexity of disturbances  will vary from person to person and depend on many factors if you have severe physical or mental problems you generally have more disturbances.           


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Will I need ongoing Healing Sessions?


This a good question, the answer is most likely for other Energy Field Disturbances, the original incident that was removed in a Healing Session will be permanently healed. However you may have very similar symptoms from a lesser disturbance that happened at a different time. This has happened to me early on when Dr B... was treating me. I would go and get healed feel great and sometime later I could feel things weren't OK. I would book another appointment only to discover something else had caused this problem.


Let me explain, if you are going about your daily routine and someone or something triggers a thought or memory of an incident that affected you sometime in the past, your Aura is going to apply the same learning to this thought or memory that you taught it to associate to this original incident, if that was negative and never replace with a positive, your Energy Fields will become disturbed. The effect on your mental or physical condition will depend on the length of time and the number and type of emotions that are associated with this incident. Emotions such as Fear of Death and Anger with the Universe generally have a greater effect than Envy because they disturb the Crown Chakra which is our connection to The Creator and Divinity. Also with a disturbed Crown Chakra most of our other energy fields will become instantly disturbed, affecting our total wellbeing.


If we imagine how many times we may become frightened, angry  or feel we are not loved or any other emotion we feel negative about in a year, then think about a life time, now you begin to understand why we get sick or have pain or problems with coping. Then add some major issues unresolved from maybe a hundred or more lifetimes and you begin to understand why removing the original cause becomes so important. You don't want to carry these major issues into another life as the problems will only be greater next time. This is also the reason I have given you simple ways to heal yourselves in  Healing Our Energy Fields section. Most are ridiculously simple that any one can master.




Where does Energy Healing come from - Who does it?


All Healing takes place from within you, as you were created to heal yourself naturally. All a competent  Energy Healer is doing, when invoking a healing; is removing any impediments from preventing this natural process. For any healing to take place Two Beings must be involved, generally this is you or the competent Energy Healer and The Creator.


What is Destiny Discovery and how would it be of benefit?


Destiny Discovery is a program to where we first communicate with you about what you are pursuing and what are your passions. We them communicate with your "Aura Being" and Spirit Guide to determine if you are currently working on your chosen Destiny. If you are we enquire at what stage you are at and help you with  suggestions and ideas to move to the next step. Once we have established where you are; we then give you a complete Energy Field Healing, to get you into great shape. We then look at the actions or inactions that are holding you back or slowing your progress and remove any of these blocks.


For those not currently pursuing their chosen Destiny, we will communicate with your "Aura Being" and Spirit Guide to determine if what you are doing is a necessary step, something you are doing to gain knowledge or experience before moving forward. We communicate with you to help you uncover your chosen Destiny.  We then give you a complete Energy Field Healing to get you into great shape. If you do not seem to be able to grasp the Destiny you chose, we will pass this information on to you, from your Spirit Guide. We then look at the actions or inactions that are holding you back and remove any of these blocks.


You will get a summary  of our Program e-mailed to you; from which if you choose; you can develop a detailed plan if you want to pursue your chosen Destiny.  For more detailed information  also read  How does Energy Field Healing work? as this is included as part of Destiny Discovery.                               Back to Services Section  






Your feedback is appreciated and we will do our best to answer you questions and publish the most common and interesting  information. We reserve the absolute right to have the final say on what is published.  Send Feedback Email  We will normally publish your First name and Location only, unless you give us permission to give more information.


HEART Energy Healing via Telephone- From Robin Brister in Fort Worth Texas, USA

HEART Healing - From Steph, in Northern NSW, Australia

HEART Energy Healing  - From Tara in France

HEART Energy Healing  - From Chastity USA

Distant Healing - From Wanderley - SP - Brasil

Ghosts & Spirits - from Joe

After Ear Operation from H........

Spiritual Awareness from Mark ....

Distant HEART Energy Healing From Connie USA

From Robin Brister in Fort Worth Texas, USA "This note is to tell all how wonderful Mr Stone is, Mr Stone you have been a blessing to me and to Lolo my dog. I will never forget how wonderful you were to me when you were on vacation with your family, but never forgot about me even while you were vacation. You know I have told you over and over how sorry I felt at that time but today is another day you still are one of most caring person any one could ever know in their life. Words can't say enough. Thank you for all you have done for me and continue to do for me up till today. Robin Brister Ft, Worth Tx,"

From Steph, in Northern NSW, Australia.  Hand written letter, with this was a cheque for $900 that was not asked for but given in appreciation.        The accident, I fell and broke a "hip," which is the upper part of the femur.  At the Hospital the Medical staff said it would take approximately 1 year to heal fully and 2 years before I had full muscle strength  ~  What Happened. I felt the response of my body to the HEART Energy Healing, was not only rapid - every day, moment by moment, my body was busy repairing. It i.e. my body, demanded my full awareness of its needs & what I had to do in order for it to be

a.) comfortable while I was lying flat on my back,

b.) helped to move more easily

c.) taken care of by physio's, doctors. nurses, even the cleaners.


My body felt so ALIVE, present, articulate that I learned a whole new appreciation of how it functions, what it needs, how it wants care delivered, when & why that care needs to be given - everything was/is so precise. In other words I learned at the ripe age of 63 how to listen and respond with love, to my beautiful body - a first as this had never happened to me before. Every day I feel my body getting stronger & more resilient again. The doctors, nurses and hospital staff were all amazed by "my" progress & lack of pain.


It's only just gone 3 weeks since the operation (plate and pins into upper right femur) and I'm walking around with ease on my Canadian crutches - many times I've stopped using them  in the last week  as my body is getting so normal, I forgot & just walk (gently and a bit lopsided) normally, especially around the house. I've even found myself at a neighbours without aids.


I can hardly believe it myself.  Thanks again, your help & love are a beautiful & cherished gift.


From Tara in France - I have been running my program and my health is well and my heart is well letís just say in growth phase ;-)

Also from Tara July 09 about 2 months later - Dear Ian - When I initially came I wanted to heal physical symptoms, I had allergies and infections, but what I received was so much more!  I feel I am aligning my energy with Source and hence I find that i can control and heal negativity and any sickness that may be lurking, I am still growing but on the right path:) Thank you so much!


From Chastity USA - Hi Ian I feel so great today. Today was the best day of my life, quiet. Everyone like my boyfriend ,mom, sister all took a walk in my shoes today. It was the most peaceful day, no on bothered me, my hand does not burn. I felt so great I for got to take my meds today. On my way can't wait.


From Wanderley - SP - Brasil - Original Email Request  27/10/08  ...Dear, greetings. I dont have money. If you can , please, send distant healing for me - Condition - depression , arthritis, anemia, mental and emotional confusion.

Wanderley  -SP-Brasil

Reply  27/11/08  Hi Ian, excuse my delay.

Gratitude to you.
Im very well,better and better  day by day - no pain,  emotional tranquility, joy, little fatigue.
Thank you for your generousity.


From Connie USA  ...  Ian, I wanted to thank you again for your wonderful gift of healing to "my" guys at the prison.   I wanted you to know that the men you directed your healing to have shown great progress in their lives.  They are much more calm  and peaceful and productive.  They are better able to focus on whatever task lies before them.

I think of you often and your kindness to men you have not met yet.  I so appreciate what you have done

Consider yourself hugged!



Ghost & Spirits - From Joe … South East Suburb of Melbourne, Australia - This is his e-mail of this experience.

In the last few years l have been experiencing some strange things, from noises in the house to being touch in bed, gentle slap across the face. I’m thinking "did l just image that", but l can still feel the imprint of the slap a few second later, a hand resting on my shoulder, then nothing for a little while.


Then one morning about 5-6 weeks ago my 5 year old son saw a man in his room, he jumped out of his bed and turned on the light and he was gone. His room felt strange, the next morning it smelled like fresh flowers, 2 weeks later something gave him a boo right in his ear as he opened the bed room door, he thought it was me play with him, when l told him l was asleep at the time he got very scared.


l thought it was his imagination, then the next week it was my turn, l had a air hose in my hand blowing a filter clear then all of a sudden boo right in my ear, felt the breath scared the crap out of me thought it was my wife sneaking up on me. l turned around to tell her off for scaring me and there was no one there.


That’s when l started to really think we are not alone, then l found this site, but l let another week go by thinking l must be on drugs, then last Sunday about 5ish l was getting my younger son up, and my 5 year old followed me into his room and got another boo in the door way.


That’s when l thought I’m not on drug and gave Ian a call, explained what was going on and he removed 4 ghost/spirit for around me, that where affecting the way l was behaving, all done over the phone, when Ian removed them l felt like a different person, asap calm for the 1st in over 20 years up until last Monday at 3.30pm l had a very short fuse, l thought l needed anger management best $110 l have spent, l felt some more ghosts around me 2 night later, l emailed Ian and he got them too, they where not here the 1st time round, and now so far so good and I’m feeling the best.

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After Ear Operation from H........               Southern  NSW    Australia

Thank you for the healing you gave me after my operation. You were very available and generous and helped me very much during this time when I  was feeling awful. I am much improved and the affects of the anaesthetic seemed to disappear.  


Spiritual Awareness from Mark ....   Northern Suburbs,  Melbourne Australia

I found  your website very interesting, that much so, went and hired 'What the Bleep'.  Isn't it strange that some things you've instinctively known all along.   I felt this as I read through your text and 'What the Bleep' opens your mind to the possibilities.


The site looks great!!  Very professional!  Format it good and easy to read.  Menu's are well set out and you've also given direction and suggested topics to be next read.    I've many questions and would like run through them over the phone if possible.   Here's a thought!    Isn't in weird how material things blind us from the truth.  


Thanks Ian, I'll be in touch.


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